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The SveGuide and VISITA national authorization ensures that the tourist guide has the specific object knowledge required to guide, for example, a town or a tourist destination, and complements the guide’s basic competence as a guide.

Ingrid Abrahamsson  flagga_engelsk  flagga_svensk


Ingrid AE-Mail: ingrid.monika.abrahamsson@gmail.com
Address: Topasvägen 10, 442 60  KODE
Cellphone: +46706-244005
Authorized for: Isle of Orust and Tjörn, and Stenungsund, Kungälv och Öckerö areas
Tillgänglighet: Full time guide
Language: English, Swedish




Lena Aldrin Jansson  flagga_engelsk flagga_svensk


Lena A 219x277E-Mail: lena.aldrin.jansson@telia.com
Address: Hamngatan 52, S-471 32  SKÄRHAMN, Sweden
Cellphone: +46(0)730-4728 31
Authorized for: the entire province of Bohuslän and Värmland.
Availability: Full time guide
Language: flagga_engelsk English flagga_svensk Swedish
Guiding at/Specialities: Town walks in Marstrand, Klädesholmen, Skärhamn or  Smögen and at Bohus Fortress in Kungälv, in medieval costume.
Presentation: Welcome to the West Coast of Sweden. Would you like to listen to storytelling from medieval time until today? Discovery the life of the old time or be fascinated of the beautiful landscape of the province of Bohuslän and visit highlights, famous and exciting places? It is a pleasure to offer guided tours by coach, by passenger boats or by foot. Contact me for suggestion of what would suit your Group.


Lena_historiskLena helbild - beskuren

Anette Bargel flagga_engelsk flagga_svensk


Anette_Bargel_72dpiE-Mail: info@saltaguiden.se
Telephone:  +46 (0)523-611 002
Cellphone: +46 (0)705-776422
Homepage: Saltaguiden.se
Authorized for: the entire province of Bohuslän
Availability: Full time guide
Language: English, German, Swedish
Specialities: Northern part of Bohuslän and its archipilago


Lena Bengtsson  flagga_engelsk flagga_spansk


Lena-Bengtsson1E-Mail: soleboguiden@gmail.com
Cellphone: +46 (0)70-750 54 49
Authorized for: the entire province of Bohuslän and Bohus Fortres in Kungälv.
Availability: Full time guide
Language: English, Spanish, Swedish
Guiding at/Specialities:  the whole of Bohuslän and historical guide at the fortress Bohus fortress in the town Kungälv in medieval costume. Tourleader.
Presentation: To travel, to meet people, to visit new places and to get to know about new cultures has been my big interest since I was young. This applies to Sweden as well as to other countries. Since 2012 I have had the pleasure being a tour guide for groups visiting the beatiful Swedish west coast called Bohuslän.

I´m an authorized guide for the whole of Bohuslän and historical guide at the fortress Bohus fästning in the town Kungälv. I have lived six years in Bolivia and nowadays I also lead tours in Spanish-talking countries, in Spain and as well as in Latin America.



Malin Bergenheim flagga_svensk

Malin BergenheimE-Mail:
Address: Tolleby Tjärnväg 93, 471 97  RÖNNÄNG
Thelephone: +46 304-67 50 40
Cellphone: +46 73-957 41 91
Authorized for: the entire province of Bohuslän
Availability: Framförallt kvällar och helger, är egenföretagare inom trädgård
Language: English, Swedish



Hans Berglund flagga_engelsk flagga_svensk


Hans1E-Mail: hans.berglund@resoform.se
Address: Gråkullevvägen 43, S-444 47  STENUNGSUND, Sweden
Telephone:  +46 (0)303-69203
Cellphone: +46 (0)705-213354
Authorized for: the entire province of Bohuslän and the province of Västra Götaland
Availability: Full time guide
Language: English, Swedish


Helena Bergström flagga_engelsk flagga_svensk


E-Mail: helena@bergstrom.info
Address: Paradisgatan 27 J, 413 16  GÖTEBORG
+46 704-249989
Authorized for: 
Isle of Orust and Tjörn, and Stenungsund, Kungälv och Öckerö areas
Availability: Part time guide
Language:   Engelska flagga_svensk Svenska



Ann-Sofie Bernhardsson flagga_engelsk flagga_svensk


DSC_0539E-Mail: annsofie.bernhardsson@gmail.com
Address: Ängsvägen 13, 474 70 MOLLÖSUND, Sweden
Telephone: +46 (0)304-21469
Cellphone: +46 (0)705-721469
Authorized for: Local guide at Mollösund
Availability: Part time guide
Language: English, Swedish




Regina Cederfeldt flagga_engelsk Fransk flagga flagga_svensk


Regina-Cederfeldt1E-Mail: skaftoguiden@outlook.com
Telephone: +46 (0)523-21690,
Cellphone: +46 (0)70-3846589
Authorized for: the entire province of Bohuslän
Availability: Full time guide
Language: English, French, Swedish
Guiding at/Specialities: The northern part of Bohuslän and in particular Gustafsberg, the first seaside resort in Sweden, and the island Skaftö, a real pearl in the middle of Bohuslän.
Presentation: I have a background as a teacher of French and English for twenty years with teeanagers. Fifteen years ago I found my paradise on earth, the island Skaftö in the middle of Bohuslän.  Welcome to the beauties in the northern part of Bohuslän.


Foto: Margareta Anderberg

Gustavsberg - Regina




Åsa Cunniff flagga_engelsk flagga_svensk


AsaE-Mail: info@kustguiden.eu
Address: Bro 16, 457 93 TANUMSHEDE, Sweden
Cellphone: +46(0) 73 020 6278
Homepage: kustguiden
Authorized for: Fjällbacka
Availability: Full time guide
Language: English, Swedish
Presentation:I have been a tour guide in many parts of the world. I spent several years in Egypt and although the pyramids are fantastic. Fjällbacka has as much history ( World heritage site of Bronze age rock carvings only 10 km north) and a more varied offering of attractions. Our archipelago is rated one of the worlds most beautiful. In Fjällbacka I can arrange guided  walks or boat tours all year round,. Camilla Läckberg was born here and has written her murder mystery books about Fjällbacka. On our walks we show and tell about “murder” sites .
 Guiding at/Specialities:  Story telling about the exiting past and present of  Fjällbacka and its islands.


Ingrid BergmanIngrid Bergman loved Fjällbacka, she spent 25 summers on her Island  Dannholmen ,outside Fjällbacka and choose it as her last resting place. In 2015 we will celebrate 100 years since her birth.






Jutta Eichenberger flagga_engelsk flagga_tysk Fransk flagga


Jutta_May2014E-Mail: jutta.eichenberger@gmx.net
Address: 411 26 GOTHENBURG, Sweden
Cellphone:  +46 (0)767649686
Authorized for: Bohus Fortress, Isle of Marstrand, City Guide in Gothenburg, Tour leader in Scandinavia
Availability: Full time guide
Language: English, German, French
Presentation: Some years ago I moved from one paradise to another: from my beautiful home country Switzerland to the fantastic Swedish West Coast! Fascinated by the magnificent red-rocky landscape, the offshore islands, the cozy fishing villages and the authentic lifestyle along the West Coast in the province Bohuslän I went through different trainings in order to become an authorized guide. Let me take you on a nice walk through the historical village centre of the isle of Marstrand with its mysterious Fortress Carlsten. Founded in the 13th century, Marstrand has become the most popular sailing resort of Sweden during the summer months. Nature freak, coast local or self-confessed city dweller, I’ll be pleased to discover with you by foot the charming old town of Gothenburg and the hidden secrets of Sweden’s second largest city as much as by bus the interesting Greater Gothenburg. My mother tongue is Swiss German, but I can guide on different places in different languages. Welcome to Sweden and its fantastic West Coast


Eva Erlandsson flagga_engelsk flagga_svensk


Eva E 219 px bredE-Mail: eva@tourcom.se
Address: Lingonvägen 15, 458 70  HÖGSÄTER, Sweden
Cellphone: +46 (0)73 7071963
Homepage: tourcom.se
Authorized for: Local guide of the region of Bohuslän. Tour director/Tour guide knowledge of Sweden and Scandinivia.
AvailabilityFull time guide
Language: English  (English as native tongue), Swedish
Guiding at/Specialities: * Experience in travel production both in and outside of Sweden * Tourguide trainer * Author to a book in the subject.
Presentation: Let me introduce and show your guests the beauties of Sweden. Bohuslän especially but also familiar with many other parts of the country, as Tourleader. Welcome to contact me for suggestions and help to arrange a rememberable tour!




Carina Gustavsson-Öberg   flagga_engelsk flagga_tysk


E-mail: cg.oberg@gmail.com
Cellphone: +46 705 565 328
Language: English, German, Swedish
Availability: Part time guide
Authorized for: the entire province of Bohuslän









Anita Ingemansson flagga_engelsk flagga_svensk


Anita I - litetE-Mail: anita.ingemanson@hotmail.com
Address: Åsavägen 65, S-473 32
HENÅN, Sweden
Cellphone: +45 (0)703-087191
Authorized for: the entire province of Bohuslän and the province of Västra Götaland
Availability: Part time guide
Language:  English, Swedish




Wictoria Insulán flagga_engelsk flagga_svensk


Wictoria DSC_4586 - KopiaE-mail:  winwin@lysekilguide.sewww.lysekilguide.se
Address: Skottegatan 31, 45333 LYSEKIL, Sweden
Cellphone:  +46 (0)760 407 419 alternatively+46 (0)704 784 7 67. If no answer, please send a SMS to both numbers
Homepage: Lysekilsguide
Authorized for: Uddevalla, Lysekil, Sotenäs, Tanum, Strömstad och Munkedal municipals
Availability: Full time guide
Language: English, Swedish
Guiding at/Specialities: Rock carvings, The stone cutters era, The herring fishing and canning periods.
Other information: http://www.vastsverige.com/sv/products/150605/VANDRINGAR-VISNINGAR-i-Lysekil-och-Stangenaset/

Wictoria och hällristningar  Wictoria-och-tärrengcycklin

Bertil Jonshamre flagga_engelsk  flagga_svensk


Bertil porträtt 219 px bredE-mail: bertil.jonshamre@ljungskile.org
Address: Nyponvägen 8, S459 31  LJUNGSKILE, Sweden
Cellphone: +46 (0)736-446531
Authorized for: the entire province of Bohuslän
Availability: Full time guide
Language: English, Swedish
Guiding at/Specialities: Guiding by kayak in the whole archipelago of Bohuslän, The Koster islands: tours by boat in the Kosterhavet, marine national park, Exclusive guidings – outdoor life experiences, guiding at outdoor events.
Presentation:  I love the outdoor life and I have been there all my life, especially in my kayak around the beautiful islands of one of the most exciting archipelagoes of the world – Bohuslän. I’ll be happy to arrange which ever kind of tour near or at the sea that you might want.




Margareta Järnberg flagga_engelsk flagga_svensk


Margareta 219 px bredAddress: Glasyrvägen 3 , 444 95 ÖDSMÅL, Sweden
E-Mail: margaretajarnberg@gmail.com
Cellphone:+46 (0)708-887686
Authorized for: the entire province of Bohuslän and the province of Västra Götaland Tour director
Availability: Full time guide
Language: English, Swedish
Guiding at/Specialities: *Guiding in the whole province * Townwalks in Marstrand * Guiding in Gustafsberg our very first royal sparesort. * Boattours in the archipellago.Västra Götaland region
Presentation: Of all the places I have come to during my more than 30 years as a guide and tourleader, Bohuslän is closest to my heart. There I have great experience in planning and guiding at walks, by bus and by boat. Don`t hesitate to contact me for help to make your visit in Bohuslän a pleasant and memorable one.Guiding in a Bohuslän folk costume on request. I can also plan and guide tours in the Västra Götaland region.


Margareta Järnberg Margareta i Marstrand


Mia Kristiansson-Klein flagga_engelsk flagga_tysk flagga_svensk


Mia Kristiansson 219 px bredE-Mail: mia.kristianssonklein@gmail.com
Address: Garnisonsvägen 20, 442 66 Marstrand, Sweden
Cellphone: +46 (0)739-852668
Authorized for: Local Guide in Marstrand and Kungälv, Guide in Gothenburg and its surroundings, Tour guide
Availability: Part time guide
Language: English, Swedish, German
Specialities:  Town walks on the island of Marstrand and Kungälv * Guide in Gothenburg by bus or on foot.
Presentation: Let me customize your tour to create a memorable and interesting visit. I look forward to welcoming you to Sweden and the West Coast!

Annika Mattus Tufvesson flagga_engelsk  flagga_svensk


Annika 2017, MASK0443 - kopiaE-mail: annikamattus@yahoo.se
 +46 (0)73 – 71 71 719
Authorized for: The entire province of Bohuslän and Gothenburg
Availability:  Full time guide
Language: English, Swedish
Guiding at/Specialities:  T he whole of Bohuslän, Swedish north west coast and Gothenburg, in combination if you like.
Presentation: Gothenburg and Sweden’s northwest coast is called “Sweden’s best coast”. There is a good reason for that! The west coast of Sweden has everything; beautiful nature, wonderful archepelago, good food, nice shopping and exciting history. Here you can find rockcarvings from 1 700- 200 BC, stories about the vikings who lived here and the wars between our neighbour countries to get the power to rule over the northwest coast/Bohuslän.

I live in Gothenburg and love traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures. Living in the United States for a year as an exchange student, while in high school, was an experience of a lifetime that created many fond memories and lifelong friendships. One of my main interests is history which led me to pursue certification as a guide for Gothenburg and Bohuslän, covering the whole northwestern Swedish coast with its beautiful archipelago. I am also a certified guide for Gothenburg City Development, currently the largest city development in Scandinavia. I am truly passionate about enlightening locals and visitors to the region of the west coast as well as to Gothenburg’s history, present and future. Welcome to contact me for more information!

Karin Olsson flagga_engelsk flagga_svensk

Karin Olsson 219px bredMail: karin.olsson@munkedal.mail.telia.com
Address: Ånneröd 1,  S-450 73 RABBALSHEDE, Sweden
Telephone: +46 (0)525-36079
Cellphone: +46 (0)739-301813
Authorized for: the entire province of Bohuslän, Tour director
Availability: Part time guide
Language: English,  Swedish



Bibbi (Lisbeth) Olsson flagga_engelsk flagga_svensk


Lisbeth Olsson Eriksson fotoMail: bibbi@bibbiolsson.se
Address: Viktoriagatan 34, S-411 25 GÖTEBORG, Sweden
Cellphone: + 46 (0)733-213830
Authorized for: Local Guide in Marstrand and Kungälv, Guide in Gothenburg and its surroundings
Availability: Part time guide
Language: English, Swedish


Marianne Sandgren Petersson  flagga_engelsk flagga_svensk


Marianne Sandgren PEterssonE-Mail: marianne.skafto@gmail.com
Address: Kaptensgatan 69, S-451 78 FISKEBÄCKSKIL, Sweden
Cellphone: +46 (0)730-67 72 73
Authorized for: Lysekil, Skaftö, Uddevalla areas
Availability: Part time guide
Language: Engelska, Svenska
Guiding at/Specialities:  Guided tours in Fiskebäckskil

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